Big Cannahuna Nutrients Bloom Booster 1-43-28


  • 454 Grams Big Cannahuna Nutrients Bloom Booster 1-43-28, premium hydroponic Bud Maximizer
  • Produces rock hard frosty nuggets for buds
  • Developed by a bona fide cannabis grow master and master chemist with 30 years growing experience
  • Promotes increased girth, density, resin production and potency in buds
  • Premium greenhouse quality, pH buffered formula. Great for hydroponics, soil, potting mix and coco coir
  • Used in combination with a base fertilizer solution on all types of flowering plants from Day 21 of the bloom cycle until 2 weeks prior to harvest
  • Pairs very well with Big Cannahuna Nutrients Grow 10-5-10 to make a super bloom formula
Weight 1.0 kg


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