8 Ton Hydraulica Dual Rosin Press Machine



PRECISION: Anodized food-grade working surface ensures easy washing; independent heating rods & thermocouple for an accurate temperature delivered & detected.
EFFICIENT: 8 Ton hydraulic device give big enough pressure on the plate to get better heat press efficiency.
SAVE EFFORT: Saving half of the force than normal manual type, as long as the pressure valve is released the lower heating plate will return back automatically.
PARAMETERS: Upper and lower heat Plate Size: 6cm x12cm(2.4″x4.7″);Working temperature range: 0-250 Celsius degree, 0-450 Fahrenheit degree; Pressure range: 0-5000Kg (72500PSI)
CONVENIENCE: Intelligent temperature controller with a cool LCD screen and timing button. With upper and lower heating plates so that objects can be heated evenly. It can be stored and placed conveniently in the home thanks to a compact structure.


  • Voltage: 110V/220V 
  • Power: 600W; Packing size: 41*30.5*49 cm
  • Product dimension(not included the handwheel ):34*15*37cm; Time range: 0s-999s;
  • Pressure range: 0-5000Kg (72500PSI)
  • Upper and lower heat Plate Size: 6cm x 12cm(2.4″x4.7″)
  • Working temperature range: 0-250 Celsius degree, 0-450 Fahrenheit degree
  • Heating plate material: aluminum
  • Shell material: three layers painted steel



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