5000W LED Grow Lights Double Chips Full Spectrum


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  • Efficient heat dissipation, IP65 grade waterproof, and dustproof.
  • Whether at dusk or night, it can efficiently extend and scientifically control the light required by plants.
  • This LED lamp is a Brand new & high-quality Grow Light
  • No shadow and in excellent condition, it is Energy saving, low power consumption, long life expectancy.
  • Meet the various growth needs of different plants.
  • Application scenarios: For use in greenhouses, growing boxes, growing tents, hydroponic system equipment, etc.

3 modes:

1. VEG: 4 kinds of light of white/blue/ultraviolet/orange(suitable for flowering and fruiting of plants)

2. BLOOM: 2 kinds of light of red light/infrared light (suitable for seed germination)

3. Full-open mode (VEG+BLOOM):6 kinds of light of red/blue/white/infrared/ultraviolet/orange (suitable for the flowering stage).

Package includes:

1 x Plant light

1 x Stainless steel hook

1 x Liftable rope

1 x US plug

1 x Instruction Manual

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Weight 10.0 kg
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