4’x4′ Indoor Tent Kits Combo + TSW 2000 LED Grow Light


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TSW 2000 led grow light(300w), hanger kits, 4’x4′(120x120cm) grow tent, 6″ inline duct fan with speed controller, 6″ carbon filter, 33′ length flex ducting, humidity thermometer, timer, 6pcs 5-gallon grow bags, 4’x4′ growing netting, duct clamps.

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4’x4′ Indoor Tent Kits are an ideal way to start your growing journey.  No need to source different products from a variety of suppliers or end up waiting for the last part to arrive before you can begin.  The kit comes with everything you need in one package and all at the same time so you can set up and begin planting immediately.

  • High-Efficiency Grow Light TSW 2000 light, 300w with 704 pcs diodes. Full-spectrum led grow lamp, ideal for all growth stages, perfect for 4x4ft veg footprint, 3x3ft bloom footprint.
  • Durable Growing Tent Constructed with high-quality 1680D canvas, heavy-duty zippers, and double-stitched, which can perfectly lock light inside and is tear-proof. This hydroponics grow tent is reinforced by a sturdy metal frame to ensure security and stability, bearing 154lb/70kg.
  • Effective & Quiet Ventilation Kit Excellent smell control, 6″ Inline duct fan is rated for max 400CFM. With 3 settings of fan speed controller, noise min to 25dB. Filter with built-in Australian virgin charcoal granules which enables to absorb exponentially more contaminants and allergens than traditional carbon.

Free Shipping. Delivery 3 to 8 days

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