4” 195CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan Air Circulation Vent Blower for Grow Tent


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iPower 4inch 195 CFM inline duct ventilation fan air circulation vent blower for grow tent perfect for grow tents, greenhouses, hydroponics, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, locker rooms, garage to reduce humidity, clear the air, and lower temperatures in grow rooms.


1. Fan blades made with high-quality components for smooth operation, centrifuge reduces noise.
2. Designed to quietly ventilate grow tents, transfer heating cooling to rooms, circulate fresh air etc.
3. Maximizes airflow. Ideal for indoor ventilation and odor filtration.
4. Cleans and freshens the air you and your plants breathe.


Diameter: 4inch;
Power Supply: 120V;
Frequency: 60HZ;
Power: 28W;
Current: 0.45A;
Speed: 2500 RPM;
Air flow: 195 CFM;
Noise level: 30dB.

About this item:

Low noise design: fitted with a flow deflector that concentrates the fan stream and cuts turbulent kinetic energy to reduce sound output to just 30dB.

High effective: transfer air to your target location in a quick and reasonably quiet way, with a fan speed of 2500 RPM for an airflow of 195 CFM.

Easy to Install: removable duct ends with locking tabs for easy removal and maintenance, 5.9 feet length power cord.

Efficient design: lightweight, compact fan takes up minimal space; ideal for applications where larger fans just won’t fit. Efficient flow deflector feature increases airflow while cutting noise output.

Spec: size: 4inch; Air flow: 195 CFM; Fan speed: 2500 RPM; Volt: 120V; Current: 0.45A; Wattage: 28W; Noise level: 30dB; Power cord length: 5.9feet.

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