2000W LED Full Spectrum Grow Light For Grow Tents, Hydroponics


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  • CMH²PS  FULL SPECTRUM: 3500k white light for seedlings and VEG spectrum (B:GY:R:FR=15%:45%:35%:2%) This spectrum is the same as CMH/CDM on RGYB rate. When Flower Booster Switch is ON, this spectrum(B:GY:R:FR=12%:30%:48%:8%) gets redder, with more far-red light, this spectrum is the same as HPS on RGYB rate.
  • High PPF efficiency Design: The SANAN 2235 dual chip, has a chip area that is almost twice the size of Samsung LM301B, and consumes only 240W with 576 LEDs. The design uses only 1% light decay nano-waterproof coating. All of these will let a grower get a 40% higher yield compared to older LED grow lights.
  • FOOTPRINT: In the veg stage a 4x4ft grow would need 2 of these lights, hanging 20in from the plant. In the Flower stage, a 4x4ft grow may need 2-3 of these lights, hanging 20in from the plant. Please note that if you want to get a good harvest, try to keep your grow room at a temperature between 68°F  and 86°F, especially in winter, because the heat of LED lights is low.
  • BEST SERVICE:  3 years warranty plus 30 days money back guarantee.


PPF: 310 μmol/s

Efficacy:2.7 μmol/J

Max Yield: 2.5 Lbs/six lights

Power Consumption: 120W (1.05A110VAC/0.48A240VAC)

LEDs Watt:2000W

LEDs: 288 pcs

LED Chip: SANAN 2235*2

Total chip area: 0.444 square in

Input power:  100-240VAC 50/60Hz

Power Factor: >0.9

Light Spectrum: 380nm~800nm full spectrum including 450nm/660nm/730nm

Light VEG B:GY:R:FR : 17%:43%:36%:2%

Light Flower B:GY:R:FR : 12%:30%:48%:10%

Light Best For: flowering and fruiting plants during growth and flower stage

Light Mounting Height: 12-20in above canopy

Light PPFD (μmol/ m²/s ) (stage: h=mounting height A=canopy coverage ):

420 μmol/m²/s  (Vegetative: h=20in A=3X3ft)

600 μmol /m²/s  (Flower: h=16in A=2X2ft)

Light Operating Temperature: -20℃ t0 40 ℃

Light Operation place: indoor

LED chip soldering pad temperature: 70℃ (at room temperature 28℃)

Power Driver: aluminum housing and Thermal sealant

Warranty: 3 Years

Light Net Weight: 1.6kg , 3.50lbs

Light Dimension(inch):  14.2(L)x12(W)X4(H)

Free Shipping.  Delivery 2 to 12 Days

Weight 10.0 kg
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