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Mark Zuckerberg LookAlike Quiz

MaryJane Farmer is not happy with Facecrack–er “book”.  They supposedly do not allow cannabis mentions on their site in advertising, which makes it really difficult and seems like discrimination.  I mean–really??  When Facecrack lets #trumpolini and his stooges vomit bald lies into the ether every day??  Break me here!

Anyway, in honor of the majority owner of Facecrack and the plantation proprietor for 60% of the world’s peon population–we just had one question:

Who does Mark Zuckerbug look like?

mark zuckerberg photo

Dame Judi–Check the haircut.

judi dench photo

Lt. Commander Data–How ironic.

commander data
Lt. Commander Data

Tania, the Japanese sex doll–Check the dead eyes

Tania from Japan


Make your choice in our contest here. The winner will be chosen at random and her name and pithy comments will be emblazoned across the pages of 420Beginner for all time or until the internet crashes again. And every other comment will also be published, as long as it is publishable.

2 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg LookAlike Quiz”

  1. Exactly! LOL @ Trumpolini, very good. And yes, it is pretty much inexcusable that Trump and his loathsome gang of lunatic followers can spout their blatant lies (they don’t even TRY to sound believable) all over facebook but mention of cannabis isn’t allowed? I don’t use stupid facebook anyway but for those who do, come up with a code word and try palm trees for the pictures. Take a long walk, Puckerberg.

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