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Join Our Board of Directors

MaryJane Wants You

MaryJane Farmer and her publisher are planning to expand this website and the reach of other websites published by the same company.  The general areas of interest will remain the same: self-sufficiency, learning and teaching, and growing your own.

This expansion will occur through becoming part of another company, which is brand-new.  This new company, called The Growing Company, expects to raise money by selling stock to individuals in collaboration with Fundanna/Trucrowd.  This is a typical way for new companies with good ideas to raise money from individuals without having to qualify for a loan or go to Wall Street titans.

What Is MaryJane Looking For?

One of the things any small company needs is a Board of Directors with experienced members.  So MaryJane is looking for one or two people to join the Board of Directors of The Growing Company.

The Board of Directors will meet by Zoom or phone at least quarterly to discuss business progress and make future plans.  Directors initially will probably be compensated with shares in The Growing Company, most likely after the completion of a successful money raising effort.

Do I Need to Have Experience?

No special experience is required, BUT—–The experience that would be helpful is experience in any of the following fields:

  • Marketing
  • Business management
  • Website development
  • Marijuana growing
  • Marijuana sales
  • Wholesale sales or distribution
  • Commodity trading

There are certain legal qualifications for directors including passing a “bad actor check” which basically means not having any previous fines or restrictions imposed by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC.)  Being busted for weed probably does NOT disqualify you.

What Does The Growing Company Do?

I will be posting additional information soon on The Growing Company website (under construction), but in brief here is the plan:

There is no central worldwide organized way for marijuana farmers or growers to get their product to a marijuana buyer.  This is particularly true for small growers.  This means that any grower might raise a cannabis crop, expecting a particular price when sold, only to find that the price has bottomed out when the harvest is in.  For cannabis retailers on the other hand, this means that there is no firm way to predict the future price of the product to be sold.  It also means that retail and wholesale prices vary wildly (and widely) from place to place.

Commodity markets are built to solve this problem by creating a connection between many growers and many sellers using a contract that guarantees that the seller will pay and the grower will accept a specific price at a specific date in the future.

How Does The Growing Company Make Money?

The Growing Company will build a weed-growing and trading game described in the next section.

The game app will receive income in the form of digital tokens when players acquire or mint the token called TOKN to buy items for growing their own virtual bud and selling it (for TOKN) to other players.  TOKN is a digital token built on the Ethereum blockchain.  It will be released for trading on various exchanges when the Stage 1 game is fully built.

Players can obtain TOKN from the game administrator (The Growing Company), can obtain it from other players in trade for something else (like tokens used in another game) or can mint their own TOKN for a unique strain of weed.  In each of these cases, there is a small digital fee for the transaction which is paid to The Growing Company.

A token built on the Ethereum blockchain is essentially a contract written in computer language (a digital contract.). It cannot be falsified once created.  When both parties to the contract exchange the token, the contract is completed.  Contracts between the producer of the product (farmer) and buyer of the product (retailer) are the essential feature of a commodities market.  So when MaryJane Farmer sells Kush Jones Weed Shop her MaryJane bud, Kush pays her with TOKN, which she can use to buy more (virtual) products in the game.  She and Kush can create this contract even before planting, and MaryJane can use the contract as collateral (“money”) to obtain seeds or other items needed to grow her product

TOKN will be a type of Ethereum contract called a NIFTY aka “non fungible token” aka ERC-721 or ERC-1155.  This makes it possible for players to create their own unique strain of weed which no one else can own until it is traded or sold to another player.  Think Cryptokitties for weed.

The people who have shares in The Growing Company will also receive a quantity of TOKN.  How much TOKN per share and how to distribute it is one of the issues for the proposed Board of Directors to decide.

How Do I Build The Growing Company?

The first stage of The Growing Company’s development, after acquiring a suitable website such as 420Beginner.com, will be to create an online game app in which players can compete to grow the best (virtual) weed, using combinations of (virtual) seeds and (virtual) plants to achieve a desirable bud that can be (virtually) sold to other players.  The second stage of the project will be to build an online (virtual) marketplace in which the (virtual) bud can be sold in large quantities to other players acting as (virtual) dispensary companies.  This is the commodities market.

The third stage of the project begins when growing and selling weed moves from virtual to real, and that happens when the US and other nations fully legalize weed.  At that point, or maybe even before, TOKN might be tradeable for other digital tokens, such as game tokens in other games or even for Bitcoin.

How Do I Apply?

If you are interested in being considered for a position on The Growing Company Board of Directors, please email me at MaryJane@420Beginner.com.

Remember, Good Growing IS Good Karma

MaryJane Farmer

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