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Introducing EcoFarm

reflectorquantumboard_2048xIf you are a regular visitor to our site, and we hope are, you will know that apart from offering advice and up to date news we specialize in providing reviews on products that growers need to cultivate marijuana.  On the site, you will find reviews on Lights, Grow Tents, Seeds as well as all the necessary ancillaries, such as Trimmers, Rosin Presses, Dryers and Grinders required to grow and harvest your crop.

In many of the reviews, we provide links to the products we recommend to enable you to quickly purchase the items you need.  Often that link will take you to Amazon but some recent investigations have shown us that there are other manufacturers who offer better quality, pricing and service than sellers on Amazon.

In many cases, you are buying through 3rd party sellers and not directly from the manufacturer. That can mean you will not be paying the best price, or the price you could pay if you were buying direct.  It can also mean that in the event of a faulty product it may be difficult to resolve or take advantage of a guarantee.

For this reason, we have teamed up with Eco Farm, a Canadian based manufacturer and seller of all the equipment you will ever need. From planting, lighting, growing and harvesting they have a full range of top quality products at exceptional prices to meet your needs. And, as they are based in Canada, your order will be dispatched within 24 hours and there are no shipping costs involved.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, first-time grower with a small space or a commercial grower with greenhouses full of plants, they have the products you need to maximize your crop.  In fact, if you are a commercial grower, or are planning to grow on a commercial basis they offer a complete planning service from Grow Room Design, Floor Plan Analysis, System Design and Equipment Supply. All of their installers are certified, licensed and trained.

You won’t find their products on Amazon! Or, at least when we searched we could not find any. That may well be because by selling direct they do not incur the warehousing and delivery costs that need to be included in Amazon prices.

We are delighted to be able to offer Eco Farm’s products to you. On this page and the following pages, you will find details of all the equipment they sell and you can immediately access their site by clicking the button for the item that is of interest. 

Here you will find an introduction to their LED Grow Lights. These are just a small sample of the many types, sizes and variations of the wide range of products on offer. By clicking the View Offers Button you will be able to access all the products including many on special offer or sale prices.

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