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Video Interviews at MJBizCon (2019)

No THC Allowed in Las Vegas
“As a reminder, no THC products are allowed on these premises.”

MJBizCon 2019 in Las Vegas was the professional marijuana grower’s and CBD manufacturer’s and retailer’s chance to shine.  LED Grow Lights, CBD extractors, vapes and vape liquids, CBD Oil, marijuana advertising, and cannabis investing and on and on. With 35,000 people attending, it was crowded and busy but I was able to get a few interesting interviews with industry insiders.  There is even a deliciously ironic sign solidly planted right in my path as I walked in.  I had to get a picture before I got these video interviews.

My overall impression:  CBD is the big thing now, mainly because marijuana is still too new as a market to be fully ready for prime time.  But the time is coming and these people are seriously interested in seeing the marijuana industry grow as big as the hype says it will.   Right now, there are too many roadblocks, mostly related to taxes and fees and legality.  Here are the interviews in no particular order.  Click on the heading to see the video.

Phillips LED Grow Lights

What is the easy switch from HPS to LED Grow Lights?  Ries from Signify explains.  Read more about why MaryJane Farmer recommends LED Grow Lights in this article.

Gorilla Grow Tents and Kind LED Grow Lights

This is an interview with one of the folks from the company that makes Gorilla Grow Tents and Kind LED Grow Lights. The grow light control demonstration is especially cool.  MaryJane Farmer reviews some Kind LED Grow Lights in this article and reviews Gorilla Grow Tents in this article.

Go here to buy grow tents on Amazon. Look for LED Grow Lights on Amazon here.

Otto Grinder from Banana Bros.

One of the Banana Brothers shows the OTTO, The “Smart Automatic Milling Device” (in other words, a grinder)  that may be smarter than the people using it. See how it works to protect your delicate buds.

Electric Smart Herb and Spice Grinder - OTTO by Banana Bros with Pollen Catcher
  • OTTO BY BANANA BROS: OTTO is the first and only automatic milling machine. At the touch of a button, it mills and fills a perfect cone every time. OTTO provides a superior experience for a smooth draw with no air pockets, runs, canoeing or waste.
  • ELECTRIC SMART GRINDER: The battery powered OTTO AI mimics human grinding and senses density and consistency to expertly mill instead of grinding. There’s no mess or hassle of grinding and rolling your own or chancing low quality pre-rolls.
  • PERFECT MILL: OTTO automatically changes direction, pressure, and speed and mills to a uniform, fluffy grind every time. OTTO mills to perfection, ensures the maximum amount of surface area and has better results compared to hand rolling or grinders.
  • RAW FIBER CONES: OTTO hand-rolled cones are created from 100% natural high-quality raw fiber. Each cone is free of GMOs, and available in three sizes: short, king and cal king. OTTO comes with 20 premium cones that are full-bodied, flavorful and potent.
  • INCLUDES: O-Tube cone holder, O-Funnel for easy dispensing, measuring cup, snap cap, fresh seal tube, 4 in 1 cleaning tool, and USB charging cable. It’s travel friendly, so you can enjoy your perfect rolled cone any place or time.

Butane Extractor — Elf Extraction

Controversy reigns in the realm of extraction processes. Solvent extraction with alcohol vs. solvent extraction with butane vs. CO2 extraction vs. etc.etc. etc. Which one is best for preservation of the good stuff (cannabinoids and terpenes.) This is an interview with an engineer from Elf Extraction, a company which makes butane extraction equipment.

Pest and Mold Prevention with AirSniper

Danielle explains how AirSniper kills the pests and mold that are naturally present in the air and can raise havoc in any indoor grow room.  And no, this is not the same as the air sniper rifles sold on Amazon, even though this ozone producing Air Sniper also kills varmints.

Erb Supply Interview

Interview with Orion from Erb Supply, a brokerage and delivery company in California. Discussing procurement and delivery of cannabis product from farmers in California. Also discussing licensing problems in California. Comparison of indoor, greenhouse and outdoor product pricing. Effect of export restriction on American cannabis.

FGPG Interview –Clever Marketing Tip

Daniel from Freddie Georges Production Group explains how creating an event creates the opportunity to market cannabis despite the restrictions imposed by the big G, Facecrack and all the other arbiters of what can  (and can not) be shown on social media.

KingKone Preroll Machine

Daniel shows off the KingKone machine for high-volume rolling. If you buy this, you might never have to hand roll again.

PlantAid Disease Prevention Spray

Daniel explains how PlantAid with hypochloric acid can prevent plant disease in dry grows and in hydroponics. He says it is natural and does not change the plant taste or growth.

Plant Aid All-Purpose Horticleaner | Non-Toxic Solution to Clean Gardening Equipment | Safe to Use Around Plants & at Home (32 oz)
  • CLEAN ENERGY | Cleanses to support plant health
  • ECO-FRIENDLY | Non-toxic and leaves no chemical residue
  • NATURAL | Produced with only water, salt & electricity
  • RESPONSIBLE | Neutral pH, no sulfates, VOCs or petrochemicals

Seed Genetics with An Expert

A longer interview with discussion of problems in the CBD farming industry stemming from poor seed production, and how Aari Lotfipopur’s company is working on a solution with cloning.

Pineapple Express Delivers

Two ladies explain the delivery company Pineapple Express. Sense of humor required.

A Giant Bucker

Reid explains how this giant machine can separate the buds from the rest of the plant on a gigantic scale–5000 pounds per hour–60 tons per day. If you have that much weed, this is the machine you need.

How Big is This Convention?

My impression of the scale and focus of this MJBizCon 2019 convention.

Discrete Delivery from Weden

Discrete delivery to people in California (Sacramento to the Mexican border), especially helpful if you are just beginning and don’t want to be outed just yet.  Weden is one of the brands of Manifest7.

Self-Contained Kapsol Germinator

Kristine from Klondike shows how to germinate a seed in a self-contained capsule called Kapsol. Like a pill for cannabis seeds. Klever.

The Volcano–Grandaddy of Vapes

Elmer from Greenlane talks about the long-lived and popular Volcano. You can find all the accessories and replacement parts on Amazon but the the Volcano is available here.

Mig Vapor–Cool Colorful Vapes

Bill tells us about some of his products sold worldwide, including a very cool dry herb vape called Khan.

Another Look at Electric Sky LED Grow Lights with Dan

You may remember Dan from Electric Sky LED Grow Lights.  He is the inventor of one of the original confined-configuration LED Grow Lights–basically a light that gives you the growing energy you expect from looking at the specs.  Big Bud interviewed him several months ago, but now here is an interview with Dan at the recent MJBizCon convention in Las Vegas.  Dan explains LED Grow Lights again.

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