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Highly Inventive – A History of Weed Through The Centuries

We have been delighted to have been provided with a copy of this new book, Highly Inventive that illustrates marijuana’s role in history.

The book provides anecdotes of how and when historical figures dating back to over 2,600 years ago used this plant. For example, Buddha is believed to have entered a deep marijuana-induced meditation and achieved the state of unconditional and lasting happiness, and his followers have been seeking that state ever since!

Hua Tuo a Chinese surgeon used cannabis mixed with wine as an anesthetic, and there are references to many famous historical figures such as Cleopatra, Leonardo DaVinci, Christopher Columbus, and Kings and Queens of England all of whom are reputed to have used marijuana and cannabis in one form or another.

The book has already featured in articles in Forbes and CannaCook as one of 2020’s best cannabis books. Candid Chronicle and ZeWeed have also recently written articles on ‘Highly Inventive,’ giving it raving reviews.

We have also now read this from cover to cover and have been really surprised at how so many people have been influenced by this herbal plant throughout the ages. Not only that but also how many artisans have produced their best work whilst in a marijuana-induced state.

Do you know how the number 420 became associated with marijuana? If you don’t, page 81 will give you the answer. Many other links to historical events and persons are contained in this book which is both entertaining and educational as it weaves its way through the centuries in which marijuana has been in use.  You can also review our previous article on the history of Marijuana here.

You can obtain a copy of this book on amazon by clicking the link here or on the image below.

Believe us it is well worth the price!

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