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Essential Weed

Essential Cannabizness

Best Excuse for Home Grown in an Illegal State

You have probably heard that San Francisco ordered all its “non-essential” businesses and stores shut down.  People can only go out if they are on “essential” business and stores that are not “essential” can’t even be open.  But what the hell is essential?

Well now we have at least an inkling of what San Franciscans think is essential.  According to a tweet from the San Francisco Health Department “Cannabis is an essential medicine for many San Francisco residents.”

I guess if I were an unlicensed SF pot dealer on the street corner, and some cop tried to bust me for illegal drug distribution, I could skate–after all, I am essential.

Remember that if you grow your own any place where weed is still illegal–You are performing an ESSENTIAL service.  You should be getting a medal, not a ticket (or worse.)

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