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Cryptocurrency from Amazon

Commander Data?
commander data
Lt. Commander Data

Will the Real Commander Data Please Stand Up?

While Facebook (see Commander Data Zuckerberg smirking at right) wants to take over the world’s financial system via its bogus Libra project, Amazon is just happy to take a big chunk of it with its own tokenized coins.

Tania from Japan

Libra is a dead horse–let’s just hope Commander Data keeps beating it off. if he is not CommanderData, then he has the same barber as Judi Dench–or maybe he is this Japanese Plastic Person, Tania.

But That is Not What I Want to Talk About

They are called Amazon Coins (how original) and they have an image of an Amazonian woman huntress on the face (albeit with both breasts apparently.)

Of course, you have to buy Amazon coins on Amazon and they are only good for spending on Amazon (so far.). I predict that like all currencies, they have a (smallish) chance to achieve wider distribution.

Amazon coinThis is maybe more true if Amazon is a trusted mint–that is, they can be trusted not to debase the currency.  Unlike the United States.  Or Venezuela.  Or Zambia.  Or Argentina.  Or.  . . . Don’t issue the coins indiscriminately, don’t charge more for them than people will want to pay, and make them useful.  Best of all, make them into a mechanism for creating credit.

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Want that loan in dollars, bitcoins or Amazonians?  Or Libra.

Enough with the theorizing.  You can buy Amazon coins at a 13% discount.  And without paying tax.  And you get a discount when you buy Amazon Stuff.  Wow.

Unfortunately, that bald smirking fucker Bezos cut out the commissions on Amazon coins, so I am not going to link to them.  You will have to find them yourself.  But I needed something to snark about today.

They are worth a penny apiece when you buy something on Amazon, like a game or an app.  They are, as far as I can tell, not traded on any formal or informal exchange.  This is a little surprising since they have been around almost as long as Bitcoin.  But since they are only useful on Amazon, and Amazon controls the price by “minting” an unlimited number of coins, it seems unlikely that any trader could make much by speculating on the coin value.

Of course, this is a digital currency–just like Bitcoin.  You get a code that represents your walletful of coins.  You spend the coins on games or apps or gift cards on Amazon, and only on Amazon.  If you buy a Fire device with Amazon or a game from Amazon, you can get additional discounts.

And when you buy the Amazonians, you don’t pay tax (or shipping naturally.). Here is the real question–when is the IRS going to tax the value of your Amazonian stash?  Pretty soon, I bet.

Anyway, if you want to take a flyer you can buy some Amazonians, then you can buy some games.

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Or you can buy this nifty T-shirt.

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Whatever you buy, you can be pretty sure Jeff “Baldy” Bezos will get a piece of the action.

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