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What garden tools do you need for your indoor grow space? Are there special tools for cannabis? MaryJane Farmer answers these questions and many more. She reviews the tool choices and suggests the best options for any size weed farm, from one plant to hundreds.

bogart smoking on smoky background

Don’t Bogart That Joint, My Friend

Look, I know that telling you not to smoke weed (or anything else) is probably a losing cause.  You might even be passing a bong or a joint around right now, trying to reach across the government-approved and virus-free 6 feet of social distance. Don’t Smoke Weed It’s really a no-brainer to say that smoking, …

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High Quality and Low Cost LED Grow Lights from MARS

I recently got an update on new lights from our friends at MARS Hydro. Just wanted to pass on some of their news, give you a discount code and tell you why I like MARS as a Grow Light manufacturer. Factory Direct or Amazon? Some of the links in this article are direct to the …

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The Armoire

Every Cannabizness is Essential

San Francisco was first but everyone is doing it now. I mean declaring that retail cannabiznesses, especially medical marijuana sellers, are “essential” businesses and can stay open during the lockdown. California, Illinois, New York, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio and Massachusetts all have declared that marijuana businesses can stay open for selling medical marijuana. …

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