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What strains are best for beginners? What is autoflowering? Where do people buy seeds?  Is it legal to send or receive marijuana seeds? MaryJane Farmer reviews seed banks and answers.

Sales and Discounts on Cannabis Leaves

Seed Sale

This Just In! Hi, everyone.  MaryJane Farmer here. You know I just sent out a survey to readers, and I am taking action on some of the survey findings. (if you didn’t get a chance before, please take a minute and give me your opinions here.  Much appreciated.) One of the most frequent requests was …

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Indica Vs. Sativa

Different Weed for Different People at Different Times

Why Do Different Weed Strains Affect You Differently? Ever had a bad joint where you’re curled up in a ball, paranoid and scared witless about things invented by your mind? That doesn’t mean to say that all weed is bad for you personally – in most cases, it could just be the wrong variety for …

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