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If you are thinking about indoor growing with hydroponics, learn what hydroponics systems are available.  What are the different kinds of hydroponics?  What is aeroponics? MaryJane Farmer explains hydroponics and reviews the best equipment for the marijuana grower.

Eco Farm Tent Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tents

If you are looking for a new Hydroponics Grow Tent either as a beginner grower or to replace an existing tent we have some great offers for you from Eco Farm. These tents are superbly constructed and come in a very wide variety of shapes and sizes.  That includes Farm Size Constructions such as a …

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Trimleaf Extend Autumn Sale to 15th October

Our friends at Trimleaf have just announced they have extended their Autumn Sale up to the 15th October. This provides an opportunity to save a considerable amount on their products for a further period of time. TrimLeaf offer the widest possible range of equipment necessary for growing, cultivating, harvesting and processing marijuana. Their products are …

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FAQ:What is Hydroponics? (2020)

What is Hydroponics? Hydroponics is simply a method of growing plants without soil, using minerals and nutrients dissolved in water. The roots of the plants are exposed to this solution constantly or periodically, depending on the system employed. What are the different kinds of hydroponics? There is Deep Water Culture (DWC) which is the easiest, …

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hydroponic growing system

Hydroponic Growing for Marijuana

Can I Grow Weed with Hydroponics?  The technology advancements in marijuana farming have made it easier for anyone to grow pot. One of the significant improvements is hydroponic growing systems that allow you to grow weed with fine control.  Some growers, especially in commercial settings, rely exclusively on hydroponics. This method is fascinating because it …

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