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When you are growing marijuana indoors, there are many reasons to make a special grow space. How much does a grow space cost? What is a stealth grow space? How to you build or buy a grow space? Can I get a complete grow space that is ready to go? MaryJane Farmer knows the answers and gives advice on how to start right from the beginning in creating your personal grow space.

Sales and Discounts on Cannabis Leaves

Sale on Trimmers, Rosin Presses, Grow Spaces

Great Sale on Everything You Need to Grow Your Own Weed. Our friends at Trimleaf are holding a sale and It’s a doozy.  Almost everything they sell is 20% off from now to the end of March.  And they sell practically everything you need to grow. Here are some examples. Rosin Presses Whether you are a …

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Best Stealth Grow Boxes (2020)

How To Grow Without Getting Busted Are you in a situation where you’d rather people don’t know that you’re growing weed indoors? Maybe you’ve heard of stealth growing? Well, these days, thanks to the latest all-in-one stealth grow boxes and cabinets, growing in private is more easily done than ever before. However, there are an …

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