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Grinders and Presses

What does a grinder do and why do you need it? What is rosin? How do you make rosin? MaryJane Farmer gives you answers, product reviews and step-by-step instructions.

bogart smoking on smoky background

Don’t Bogart That Joint, My Friend

Look, I know that telling you not to smoke weed (or anything else) is probably a losing cause.  You might even be passing a bong or a joint around right now, trying to reach across the government-approved and virus-free 6 feet of social distance. Don’t Smoke Weed It’s really a no-brainer to say that smoking, …

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Sales and Discounts on Cannabis Leaves

Sale on Trimmers, Rosin Presses, Grow Spaces

Great Sale on Everything You Need to Grow Your Own Weed. Our friends at Trimleaf are holding a sale and It’s a doozy.  Almost everything they sell is 20% off from now to the end of March.  And they sell practically everything you need to grow. Here are some examples. Rosin Presses Whether you are a …

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Rosin dripping from parchment

Best Rosin Presses (2020) Buyer’s Guide

Dabbing or vaporizing a primo rosin is just about the cleanest, purest most flavorful way to consume your cannabis right now—and usually comes with a price tag to match! However, rosin is actually one of the simplest, quickest extracts to make. New to rosin and rosin presses? You’ll learn everything you need to know about …

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