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How to Start

What space do you need? Is indoor growing better than outdoor? What kind of marijuana do I grow? Where can I find seeds? What tools are best for growing marijuana indoors? How much does it cost to start growing marijuana? When can I expect to harvest my first crop? The answers to these questions and much much more are all here, straight from MaryJane Farmer and other experts.

New Year Offers and Discounts From EcoFarm

EcoFarm.ca is one of the suppliers we recommend because of their range of products, very competitive prices, and service. Based in Canada they can provide very rapid deployment and delivery of your order. Their  depots can be found in six warehouses spread all over the world, including the US, Canada, Germany (in Hanover) Their products …

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Growing Marijuana Outdoors Vs Indoors?

Growing marijuana outdoors may not have been, and indeed still may not be an option, for everyone. However, if you live in an area where you are now allowed to grow cannabis or will be able to in the future, considering outdoor rather than indoor is worth consideration. Of course, there are factors to take …

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Marijuana Growing Question Needs Answers

At MaryJane Farmer, we just received a question from a new grower asking for some advice as he moves into the flowering stage. Here it is:- “Attached are pics of my plants I have just switched to flowering on Wednesday. I am using my storeroom as my grow room. The current temp is at 34 …

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Best Grow Tents 2020

My attention was recently drawn to our “Best Grow Tents 2019” post, which I realized had not been updated to this current year.  When I looked deeper into it I was horrified to see that virtually every Grow Tent recommended was either out of stock or no longer available. Something needed to be done to …

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Can You Legally Grow Marijuana? – Well Maybe!

If you thought the rules and regulations covering the legalization of cannabis use were complicated, those for growing your own are even more so. here are now 34 states, plus Washington D.C. that have legalised cannabis either for both recreation and medical use or medical reasons only.  Despite this, so far only eighteen of these …

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