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FAQ and Forum

Here are the short answers to common questions asked by marijuana growers. If you have a question, post it here.  If you can answer someone else’s question, great–go for it.  Often there is a longer answer linked to the question as well. For instance–how do you clone weed? There is a short answer and a long answer. Find the answers from MaryJane Farmer here.

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Your Favorites?

Who is Your Favorite Cannabis Business (CannaBizness)? Give your favorite dispensary, head shop, vape shop or CBD seller a shout-out on our new Cannabizness directory. We have completely revamped BigBudsGuide and have added a couple of thousand dispensaries in the US and Canada.  We are still adding businesses like growers, distributors, equipment suppliers–in fact any …

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4 Questions Beginner Pot Users Should Ask

What to Ask Before You Buy The discussion around cannabis use has split a nation and left people wondering what’s right and what’s wrong. Regardless of what others might think of your cannabis use, it’s important that you educate yourself on what’s what in the industry so that you don’t end up regretting your life …

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FAQ:What is Hydroponics? (2020)

What is Hydroponics? Hydroponics is simply a method of growing plants without soil, using minerals and nutrients dissolved in water. The roots of the plants are exposed to this solution constantly or periodically, depending on the system employed. What are the different kinds of hydroponics? There is Deep Water Culture (DWC) which is the easiest, …

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