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Do It Yourself

Here are the articles that have step by step instructions how to do it yourself when you are an indoor marijuana grower.

The Armoire

Every Cannabizness is Essential

San Francisco was first but everyone is doing it now. I mean declaring that retail cannabiznesses, especially medical marijuana sellers, are “essential” businesses and can stay open during the lockdown. California, Illinois, New York, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio and Massachusetts all have declared that marijuana businesses can stay open for selling medical marijuana. …

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Sales and Discounts on Cannabis Leaves

Sale on Trimmers, Rosin Presses, Grow Spaces

Great Sale on Everything You Need to Grow Your Own Weed. Our friends at Trimleaf are holding a sale and It’s a doozy.  Almost everything they sell is 20% off from now to the end of March.  And they sell practically everything you need to grow. Here are some examples. Rosin Presses Whether you are a …

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plague picture 15th century

Stocking Up for Quarantine

Just ran across this lovely photo on reddit, showing what you should stock up for the coming coronavirus plague.   In other words, “Forget the 🧻 Stock up on 🌱” Exponential Growth And no, contrary to the lies coming from the weirdly plump lips of Cheetojesus, the end is not near.  Coronavirus infections rise at an …

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Beautiful Marijuana Plant (Cheap Indoor Grow Details)

What a great demonstration of outstanding results! Goodbye my stinky skunk, you were a hearty plant, time for the next phase! from r/OKmarijuana This is a reddit post from a successful grower, showing what a really good plant should look like.  This person used an LED Grow Light from Amazon in a Grow Tent also …

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Mouth open WOW

Beautiful Blueberry Kush from a Home Marijuana Garden

Wow.  A beautiful handful of buds from a home grower in Oklahoma.  Blueberry Kush.  MaryJane is hoping to interview this successful weed gardener.  Does he use LED Grow Lights?  Is this indoors or outdoor growing?  Where does he get his seed?  Does he train his plants?  Lots of questions that will help everybody. You can …

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