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Marijuana Med + CBD

When you grow your own, you will eventually want to know more about your marijuana’s effects and how to use its unique properties to improve your life.  There is a growing body of medical evidence about the effects of cannabis, both the THC and the CBD components.  MaryJane Farmer looks at some of the medical information and gives you some tips on making your own products from your homegrown weed.

For an even more detailed look at using cannabidiol for chronic pain this article is well worth reading. The Empowered Pain Patient’s Guide to CBD

Legal Marijuana Reduces Worker Compensation Claims

One of the many fears expressed by opponents to legal marijuana was the supposed detrimental effect in the workplace.  Some cannabis skeptics thought that it would affect workers’ productivity and cause injuries. There were also concerns about a possible rise in cannabis abuse.  The opposition was sufficiently strong that cannabis testing was introduced by some …

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What Do Researchers Say About CBD For Athletes

Cannabidiol (CBD) is increasingly becoming a common ingredient in many sports and fitness products, and understandably so. The substance comes with a host of therapeutic benefits that fitness buffs and even professional athletes can take advantage of.  CBD is mostly marketed for its analgesic and anxiolytic properties. Besides its pain-relieving and anti-anxiety benefits, CBD also …

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Decarboxylation- What Is It

In a previous article, we mentioned decarboxylation and promised we would provide a more detailed explanation of what it is.  So here we go! If you are consuming cannabis (marijuana) for recreational purposes you will be doing so in order to get “the high”. In case you were not aware cannabis, when consumed after curing, …

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THC Vape Juice – How to Make It At Home

Vaping has become a popular way of consuming cannabis. Smoking involves burning marijuana and inhaling the smoke with all the chemicals it contains.  Vaping only heats the dry herb, or its derivatives, to the point at which it produces vapor. Vape juice is one of the options and although you can purchase it at vape …

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