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Read or view video interviews with experts in cannabis growing. LED Grow Lights, cannabis business startups and more.  Plus the important news about growing and using marijuana from MaryJane Farmer.

cannabis scientist with crop

Cannabis Scientist Proves LED Grow Lights Work

Gianpaolo Grassi: I’m Gianpaolo Grassi. I’m a senior researcher at the institute of Council for Research and Agricultural Economy. We are controlled or assisted by the Ministry of Agriculture in Italy. Video Interview with Cannabis Scientist Gianpaolo Grassi: Personally I’m involved in research in studies of cannabis, cannabis sativa, since 1994. I try to understand …

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Electric sky 180

LED Grow Light Interview with an Expert

MaryJane Farmer and BigBud and the Electric Sky inventor MaryJane Farmer:  Hi, this is MaryJane Farmer from and BigBud from’re talking today to Dan from The Green Sunshine Company, who is the genius behind the Electric Sky LED Grow Lights.  Dan and The Green Sunshine Company have brought some new ideas to the LED …

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Grow Spaces

GROW SPACES REVIEWS We’ve picked out the best grow tents, boxes and cabinets to help you grow at home—safely, easily and discreetly. JOIN OVER 4,500 GROWERS SUBSCRIBED TO OUR NEWS LETTERS LIST Once you finish the subscription you will get the FREE EBOOK: Complete Beginners’ Guide to Growing Weed Indoors

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