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Read or view video interviews with experts in cannabis growing. LED Grow Lights, cannabis business startups and more.  Plus the important news about growing and using marijuana from MaryJane Farmer.

plague picture 15th century

Stocking Up for Quarantine

Just ran across this lovely photo on reddit, showing what you should stock up for the coming coronavirus plague.   In other words, “Forget the 🧻 Stock up on 🌱” Exponential Growth And no, contrary to the lies coming from the weirdly plump lips of Cheetojesus, the end is not near.  Coronavirus infections rise at an …

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elizabeth warren and bernie sanders

Sanders and Warren–Legalize Marijuana

There are two presidential candidates who understand and support legalizing marijuana–Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. As I wrote before, Bernie supports full legalization–’nuff said. He doesn’t need to come up with a special plan–we know that we can trust Bernie because he says what he means and he means what he says. Heretofore, Elizabeth Warren’s …

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cannabis occupational hazard infographic

Coronavirus and Marijuana?

How Will Coronavirus Affect Marijuana and CBD? A recent article in MJBusiness Daily by John Schroyer and Bart Schaneman speculates on the impact coronavirus might have on various areas of the marijuana industry. Of course, by now you have figured out that the shutdown of China’s manufacturing plants in many parts of that country have …

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Sales and Discounts on Cannabis Leaves

Sale on LED

10-15% Off Horticulture Lighting Group Lights This is a sale you shouldn’t miss. If you are needing LED Grow Lights, our friends at LED Grow Lights Depot are having a sale on HLG lights.  These babies are well-made, among the finest lights available.  HLG lights are the original Quantum Board lights, and the4ir new lights …

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Best Vaporizers for Dry Herb 2020

Dry Herb Vaporizers for pot Dry Herb Vaporizers can be the safest, purest, most effective way to smoke weed. Medicinally or recreationally. And now thanks to portable dry herb vaporizers or vape pens they’re probably the most convenient way too. Unlike a bulky tabletop marijuana vaporizer or a hookah, they just slip neatly in your …

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