MaryJane Farmer

MaryJane Farmer is the nom de plume for the writers, editors and publishers of Betty Crocker was not a real person and neither is MaryJane, but the recipes and advice of MaryJane resonate with her readers just like other famous avatars resonate with their readers.

growing with autoflowering seeds

Should I Plant Autoflowering Seeds?

Many growers are still indecisive on growing autoflowering plants because of the unimpressive productivity of the first generation. With no doubt, this kind of weed has come a long way, providing growers an authentic alternative to consider them when planning to grow. The new generation of autoflowering seeds is another great kind to consider, and …

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Where is cannabis legal worldwide? Amsterdam coffeeshop menu

Where is Cannabis Legal? Worldwide Guide (2020)

We’ve extensively expanded and updated this guide for early 2020 — and we’re very glad that we had to do so! Marijuana laws are changing constantly and rapidly, in the US and around the world. It means that progress is being made. Much still needs to be done of course. But cannabis legalization is spreading faster …

Where is Cannabis Legal? Worldwide Guide (2020) Read More »

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