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What garden tools do you need for your indoor grow space? Are there special tools for cannabis? MaryJane Farmer answers these questions and many more. She reviews the tool choices and suggests the best options for any size weed farm, from one plant to hundreds.

Trimleaf Trimmers and Buckers

In a previous article, we mentioned some of the most purchased trimmers this harvest season. These are the trimmers that businesses currently use and utilize to make their operations very efficient. Today, we’ll share the most purchased buckers. But before we dive in… In case you missed the previous article, here are the 4 most …

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High Quality and Low Cost LED Grow Lights from MARS

We recently got a further update on new lights from our friends at MARS Hydro. Just wanted to pass on some of their news, and give you some additional purchase options. If you are a regular visitor to 420 Beginner you will already know we like MARS as a Grow Light manufacturer.  They have an …

High Quality and Low Cost LED Grow Lights from MARS Read More »

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