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When you grow your own, you will eventually want to know more about your marijuana’s effects and how to use its unique properties to improve your life.  There is a growing body of medical evidence about the effects of cannabis, both the THC and the CBD components.  MaryJane Farmer looks at some of the medical information and gives you some tips on making your own products from your homegrown weed.

For an even more detailed look at using cannabidiol for chronic pain this article is well worth reading. The Empowered Pain Patient’s Guide to CBD

Is Cannabis An Effective Detox Herb?

Natural herbs and health supplements are standard detoxing methods and products used to cleanse the body for wellness. However, did you know cannabis can be a useful detox herb? Scientists are investigating the possibility of using medical marijuana as a detoxing herb to remove toxins and impurities from the body. As more states legalize marijuana, …

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8 Questions You Need To Ask About Delta 8 THC

If you have observed the market trend of 2020, people turn to holistic products offering instant results. This trend has prompted entrepreneurs to invest in natural compounds to create various product lines. Among them, some have become the favorite of customers. Which is that product making its presence known in the market? Delta-8-THC is one …

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Different Ways of Consuming Marijuana

So, you’re getting ready to wind down with your favorite green plant. The first thing to consider is the flower, but the consumption method is a close second. Then again, most people are only aware of joints that were prominent back in the days of illegal marijuana use. So, whether you’re a long-time smoker who …

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Can Cannabis Make You a More Creative Person?

We’ve all heard numerous stories about how cannabis helped different people become more creative. Suddenly, they were bursting with creativity, brainstorming ideas, and even inspiring the people surrounding them. As a useful tool for many songs, books, paintings, and other artistic works, one thing is certain – the creative world wouldn’t be the same without …

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How does ethanol extraction for CBD Work?

In previous articles, we have referred to alternative methods of extracting cannabis oil apart from using a Rosin Press. These methods involve the use of chemicals, ethanol,  and specialized equipment.  As a result, they are mainly for use by large or commercial growers who have quantities of weed to deal with. We have not really …

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