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Warning! You Can Still Be Arrested for Legal Pot!

Here is a sad story from a reddit user who ordered hemp from an online seller–presumably sold as CBD and not sold as marijuana–but it turned out to be “marijuana” anyway when tested for THC content.

Ordered online after realizing how much money id save.

Cops pulled me over when I had it in the truck. They smelt weed. I handed it to them and was like, oh yeah, totally legal. We’re good.

Handcuffed in back of police car. They let me go after 30 minutes and tell me that I’ll hear back from them in 2 weeks to either return my stolen property or turn myself in.

Today , 3 months later, I get a call and they’ve tested it . .5%

They’ll be calling the original officer to contact me to turn myself in.

What do I do? I didn’t go online and search for “what can send you to jail and not get you high ?”

Legit .2% and they’re being petty police.

I did my research on it. I made sure my website had positive reviews. The damn hemp website came up top as a paid ad on Google.

I don’t want to spend money on bail. I don’t have time to waste missing work and sitting in a broken court system.

This is a caution for anyone ordering CBD products online–always order from a company that will supply a Certificate of Analysis, so you can be sure you don’t get something that will land you in jail.

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