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Hand pipes Water pipe or bong for smoking weed

All You Need To Know About Hand Pipes

There are different ways to take smokables, but some prefer pipes because it goes straight to the system, resulting in an immediate high. If you are new to this method and want to try it out, you may have some questions about hand pipes.
The following is a breakdown of all things smoking pipes.


Hand pipes come in various materials, including glass, wood, ceramic, metal, silicone, etc. Each version has its upsides and appeals to different user groups, but most users prefer glass-made pipes since they are more durable and heat-resistant.
Ultimately, your choice of material should depend on what works best for you, considering the advantages and disadvantages. For instance, while silicone hand pipes can withstand breakages, metallic versions get hot faster.

Components of a Hand Pipe

If you are a beginner, it is essential to know all the parts of the tool; otherwise, you may buy a counterfeit product. The basic components are the bowl that holds the weed and the carb, usually near the bowl, which helps air circulation while smoking.
Also, the chamber shaft transfers the smoke from the bowl and cools it before reaching your mouth. Lastly, the mouthpiece is the part you hold in your mouth as you inhale.

How Big Is The Bowl?

While Shopping for a hand pipe, you need to pay attention to the size of your inhaler. A bigger holder may imply that you should fill it, leading to wastage, an aspect that first-timers often overlook.
It won’t be ideal to fill the bowl with content you can’t finish; therefore, you can buy a hand pipe with a smaller bowl and an extensive shaft if you are a beginner.

Consider Portability

Not everyone is comfortable being around cannabis use or other smoked substances. If this is your first pipe, your best bet is a smaller version that you can carry around when you want to be discrete.
Tiny options are better for traveling because they are lighter and don’t take up much space in your bag when you have packed heavily. The smaller smoking pipes are still stylish and work as effectively as larger alternatives.

Why Get a Hand Pipe?

You will need the right smoking tool if you want to smoke for medicinal purposes or recreation. Hand pipes, for instance, make consumption easier, maintain the flavor and give you an instant high. Remember that these pipes come in different designs, and you may need to be careful when choosing one.

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