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After Amazon – How to Maximize your Affiliate Income

Amazon AffiliateIf you were one of the thousands encouraged to join Amazon Inc’s Affiliate Program you have no doubt suffered a substantial loss of income over the past months.

For Bezos, a multi-billionaire, the decision to cut the standard commission of 8%, paid on the majority of products sold through the online platform, to 3% or less could not have come at a better time for him or a worst time for affiliates.  Covid-19 was beginning to cause massive job losses, people were frightened to visit supermarkets so online sales, and Amazon’s, in particular, were booming.

So why cut commissions to all those loyal affiliates who had been sending customers to Amazon from e-commerce websites and bogs?

The answer is very simple and follows a well-practised policy of conglomerates exploiting others to achieve their objectives. (Think Google here as another example). Every time you encouraged a visitor to your site to click on an Amazon link what did you get? A commission or affiliate fee.  Amazon got a sale and, more importantly, a new client that you had no access too! Amazon gained their name, their address, telephone number, email and credit card details. As well as potentially an annual fee to their Prime Subscription Service.  Over time they also gained all the data they needed to understand that client’s buying habits, their tastes and spend potential. Not bad for a meagre 8% commission on a first sale.

The Covid-19 crisis provided the ideal opportunity to cut down that cost even further. Amazon had already acquired a massive client database, much of it provided via affiliates, but now as more and more people turned to online purchasing, and did so via the Amazon website, there was little point in continuing to pay affiliates when new clients were almost forced to buy online at no cost.

To put it bluntly, Affiliates had outgrown their usefulness!

Fortunately, for those involved in the marijuana and cannabis market Amazon has a limited product range.  Apart from LED lights, which they do sell, products such as vapes, CBD oil, tincture oils, infused gummies etc. don’t feature or are very limited.

This does provide an opportunity for those with marijuana-related websites and blogs to look for other affiliate opportunities where commissions are generally around 10% but in some cases as high as 30% and more.  And as the number of US states that legalize marijuana, either for medical or recreational purposes, that market will grow.

Normally access to the producers or manufacturers is via one of the recognised Affiliate Networks although some do still offer an association on a direct basis.

Here are some of the most well known and reputable networks:-


Probably one of the oldest and most reputable networks that offers a very wide range of products including vapes, CBD oils, gummies, LED Lights, grow tents, and CBD products for pets.

You first need to sign up for an affiliate account with SaleAshare and you can then search through their merchant list to find those selling they type of product you want to market.  You then need to obtain an account with the merchant which provides you with the appropriate code to include when advertising their products on your site. You will find very well known merchants on SaleAshare such as Namaste Vapes, Avid Hemp, GreenGoddessSupply, Canna-Pet LLC to name but a very few of the merchants they have on their books.

CJ Affiliate Network

This network has a more limited range but with good commission rates. Again as with all the networks, you need to sign up for an account with them first in order to access the merchants they represent.

JustCBD – CBD gummies, bath bombs, protein bars, isolate and other unique items like CBD honey sticks and infused coconut oil. 18% commission is one option.

AirVape USA – 15% commission on sales. Wholesale and dropshipping available is another.

Impact Affiliate Network

Impact have only recently added cannabis merchants but now host Vapor.com with a wide range of Vapes, Dab Pipes, Volcanoes, Etc.

GrowAce Affiliate Program & Wholesale

This network offers grow tents, lights, nutrients and full kits. But also hard to find items like Rosin Presses, Trimming machines and cloning kits.  There is a 10% commission rate and 30-day cookies which is a considerable improvement on Amazon’s 3% and 24-hour cookies!

Their network runs on Refersion, not the most popular platform but worth the hassle for the product range and commission rates.

We shouldn’t forget seeds!

Without seeds, you are not going to grow any marijuana! We have always recommended IMG (Ilovegrowingmarijuana.com) They may be a little expensive but their guarantee is well worth the extra cost. 20% commission and 90-day cookie.

Cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk is another alternative with worldwide shipping and a 10% commission rate.

Seedsman.com is another popular supplier with a 15% commission rate and a 60-day cookie to boot!

Just Cannabis Seeds is another European based option with free shipping on orders over 45 Euros

There are other affiliate options, of course, such as Online Dispensary & Delivery Affiliate Programs and CBD and Health Products such as creams and lotions if your site or blog covers beauty, make-up and health products in addition to growing and consumption!

A little bit of searching on Google will help you find merchants that offer the most appropriate affiliate schemes for you and if you apply they will let you know if you also need to sign up to the network they belong to.


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